Eye Protection


In any situation in which you are using one of Shotgun Cache’s quality shotguns, you should be protecting your eyes with some kind of eyewear. Shotgun Cache is a proud authorized dealer of Decot Sport Glasses, which are perfect for any outdoor activity. Decot is Shotgun Cache’s first choice for eye protection because they have the experience that comes with being an industry leader since 1949. These glasses were designed for durability and to work seamlessly with Shotgun Cache’s shotguns.

Decot HY-WYD Sports Glasses are the perfect way to protect your eyes without interfering with your shot because the lenses are designed to set high and wide. This allows the shooter to have a spectacularly large field of vision, while simultaneously protecting their eyes from debris and other eye irritants. Many other glasses don’t allow for much peripheral vision around the nose area, but Decot’s design does because of its narrow bridge. Decot Sport Glasses also have an option which allows the user to set the position of the bridge of the glasses, which comes in handy when the shooter must change positions to shoot.

These high quality sports glasses are made with a lens material which is shatterproof polycarbonate and have over 40 different lens colors to choose from. Decot has created its own unique very light frame which is available in 3 different sizes, which allows for lenses to be interchanged at will. If you would like to order a specially made pair of or to customized colors to your liking, please visit Shotgun Cache.

Shotgun Cache also recommends that you consider whether you would like the lenses to be polarized or not, as we can provide you with either option. A glare can impact even the best shooter’s aim, thus having polarized sports glasses would fix that problem before it ever even becomes one. Another interference that can impair a shooters aim is foggy glasses, which Decot has solved by adding a brow bar. This eliminates the fog that is generated by the shooters breath. Finally, Decot ensures that their sports glasses are securely attached to the wearer, by using cable temples to hold them in place.

Each pair of Decot HY-WYD Sports Glasses carries a lifetime warranty with it. To learn about how you can purchase your very own pair of high-quality Decot HY-WYD Sports Glasses, please email Doug@ShotgunCache.com or call (806) 622-8142.

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