Shotguns In Video Games vs. Shotguns In Real Life

Shotguns In Video Games vs. Shotguns In Real Life


Shotguns in video games do not work nearly the same as they do in real life. For example, shotguns have an effective range of about 10 feet. Anything further than that and the pellets hit not harder than balls of cotton candy. Meanwhile, tiny pistols are versatile, powerful, and easy to aim from half a mile away! The reason why shotguns in video games do not fire the same way as they do in real life is to accommodate game balance. But what exactly are those differences? Here are some shotgun mechanics that do not apply in real life.

Long Range Ineffectiveness

Guns like Olympic shotguns are not actually weak at long range. The effective range is between 60 to 130 feet with a standard buckshot. With the right rounds, that range can extend up to 300 feet or more. It is true that shotguns are more effective at a closer range because they lose accuracy the farther the pellets travel. However, that doesn’t mean they lose their stopping power as well. It’s not that shotgun blasts lose their force the farther they travel. So even if the target is far away, the bullets are still very capable of putting holes through it if they manage to connect.

Pump Action is Superior to Semi-Automatic

Pump action shotguns are made to look superior in video games because it builds excitement, tension and anticipation for decimating opponents. Semi-automatic shotguns however are balanced to be weaker to compensate for the quicker firing. The truth is that both variations are equally as powerful but go through different ways of firing a shell for different purposes. Pump actions like the Browning trap guns are less prone to malfunction due to fouling. Semi-automatics fire faster and have less shooter movement for follow-up shots. Because they are gas operated, they also lessen recoil.


Recoils from shotguns are nothing to joke about because it carries a force proportional to the power behind the gun. Naturally it’s hard enough shooting one while stationary, but in video games you are able to shoot while running and jumping at the same time. That’s nearly impossible in real life and should never be attempted.

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