Three Reasons Why You Missed Your Mark


If you are just starting out shooting clay targets with your shotgun, you are bound to miss a few buckshots. But if you have been missing your mark for several weeks after, you may have some bad habits lingering. Here are three reasons why you are missing your mark. You may be…

Rushing Your Shot

This mistake is an understandable one. You are trying to shoot a target that can fly so you want to get your shot off before it starts moving. But in this mild state of panic you compromise your form, look down at your barrel as you try to shift it and the result is a missed shot. When you try to shoot quickly, your brain will perceive that everything around you is moving quickly as well. It’s a similar sensation to hearing music seemingly heighten in tempo after working out. Take your time, enjoy the shot and you will find yourself to be more accurate.

Pulling Your Head Away From The Stock

If you assume the correct form shooting a shotgun, your shot will go to wherever your eyes are focused. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your eye on the target from the set up to the follow-through. So why would you pull your head away?

Many shotgun shooters struggle with this habit their entire lives. It’s satisfying to land a bullet and watch your target fall, which is why a lot of shooters pull their heads away from their shotgun. They just want a clear look at their target after they shoot it. Here’s a question to put this mistake into perspective, “If your eyes are focused on the clay instead of looking down on your shotgun barrel, why would you need to lift your head to see it break?” This leads us into the next common mistake shooters make.

Looking at The Barrel

Most of the work in shooting is mental and done before the shot takes place. Your brain is capable of judging the speed, trajectory, and distance of your target. However, swinging your sporting clay shotgun to actively aim at your target will throw your brain off and take its attention away from the information about the target’s speed and distance. This is a common mistake made by former riflemen because of old rifle-shooting habits. You don’t need “barrel awareness” shooting a shotgun so just focus on your target and your shot will connect.

Keep practicing your aim and break your old rifle habits and you will hit your mark every time. You can browse our selection of sporting shotguns that include Perazzi, Guerini, and Browning. Buy sporting arms online at now!

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