How to Assume Good Form When Shooting


Target shooting can be a fun way to practice your aiming before hunting game. There’s nothing like a short game of clay target shooting with your Perazzi shotguns when it comes to being outdoors in Texas. But if your shots have not been hitting its mark, your form may not be up to par. Here are a few things to consider to improve your form.

Your Stance

Your stance is paramount in keeping yourself and your shot steady. One side of your body will be set towards your target as if holding a bow and arrow. In a correct stance, your weight should be shifted slightly forward but relaxed. Your front knee is slightly bent with some weight in your front foot as well. Keep your feet no wider than shoulder length. Lastly, point your toe towards your shooting direction. The combination of these steps will prepare you for the recoil and keep your shot straight and steady.

Your Gun-Handling

Because recoil has considerable force, shotgun placement is important in keeping yourself safe. Inside your shoulder is a pocket where the buttplate should be placed. You can find it by raising your right arm while it’s bent at the elbow and parallel to the ground. Move it forward while using your left hand to feel for it and you’ll find it.

Your Guerini shotguns will be held across your body at a 45-degree angle. The heel of the buttplate should meet at about the top of your shoulder. A common mistake is mounting at the point of the shoulder or above the biceps. You don’t want to be the dealer of damage to yourself as well. With practice, your position should come naturally. If you are used to your trap guns placed in certain areas, stick with it.

Twist From The Waist

A key to shooting is twisting from the waist. Learning to pivot from the waist keeps your base established and allows you to aim freely. Many shooters sway or shift their weight from one foot to the other, causing them to come off the correct line. Pivoting from the waist allows you to move to a target without compromising your shot.

You must keep your head still and your eyes level throughout this process. Do not lower your head to your shotgun. You’ll know that your form is good when the tip of the barrel barely seems to move.

While your shooting form can improve, so can your shotgun collection! You can shop at to buy Browning trap guns and other sporting arms online now.

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