Handgun Tips for Beginners


Did you just purchase a handgun? Or do you already have one, but you’ve never fired a shot? No matter what your situation is, you can get started by learning a few simple tips.


Always Practice Proper Gun Safety

The best way to learn the proper safety methods is to take a course. Here are a few things you’ll learn in a gun safety course:

  • Always treat your handgun as if it’s loaded
  • Don’t rely on the safety to keep it from firing
  • Use the right ammunition
  • Unload your gun when it’s not in use
  • Be aware of your surroundings and what’s beyond your target

These topics will be covered more in-depth by course instructors, and they’ll probably have additional tips and safety rules as well.


Calm Your Nerves

You may be nervous the first time you go to the shooting range, and understandably so. Not only is all that gunfire startling, but you’re holding a dangerous weapon in your hands. Unfortunately, that weapon becomes even more dangerous when it’s in the hands of a nervous shooter.

As time goes on, you’ll get more comfortable with your gun. Until then, try your best to relax. It helps if you remember to breathe and keep your eyes focused on that target.


Get to Know Your Gun

Practice makes perfect! The more you use your gun, the better you’ll get to know it. Be sure that you learn the proper methods for cleaning it and loading ammunition. If you use the wrong ammo or load it incorrectly, you could end up damaging your gun. The more often you load and unload your gun, the quicker you’ll get at it. Maintaining your gun is a surefire way to keep it operational.


Continuously Aim for Improvement

After you hit your first target, you’ll be overcome with joy. Keep getting that feeling by making and setting goals. Once you’ve mastered your handgun, you could try to reach any of the following goals:

  • Learn how to handle a different gun
  • Practice a different stance
  • Try shooting with your less dominant eye
  • Concentrate on shooting at higher and lower targets

You’ll find that there is always a new goal you can reach or a new area to improve on.


At Gray’s Shotgun Cache, we pride ourselves on our personalized customer assistance and professional services. When you’re ready to move on to a trapping gun or sporting gun, or you just need protective eyewear, we’re happy to help.

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