What Is a Smart Gun, and Would You Invest in One?


With the focus on mass shootings over the last few decades, last year Former-President Obama pushed for more research into smart gun technology. However, Washington Post claims that there’s been a decrease in gun violence. No matter how prevalent the shootings have been, the prospect of smart guns is an interesting topic to think about.


What Is a Smart Gun?

A smart gun is essentially a gun that will not fire unless handled by an authorized user. The way this function is achieved varies. Some of the safety devices on these guns recognize the user by:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Wearable tags
  • Magnetic rings

Smart gun manufacturers have been developing these prototypes since the ‘70s, but none have made it to market yet.


Traditional vs. Smart Gun

Newsweek questioned whether a consumer would be willing to make the switch, claiming that the results are mixed. According to a survey they conducted, gun owners were hesitant to choose a smart gun over a traditional firearm.


Would you choose a smart gun over your favorite firearm? Do you think the technology is flawed? Gray’s Shotgun Cache wants to know! Leave us a comment below.

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