Gun Laws Basics in Texas

In the state of Texas, we take our second amendment rights seriously and ensure every citizen may purchase and carry a firearm if they so wish to do so. For handguns, shotguns, and rifles there are no waiting periods or registration forms to fill out. You simply need to be over 18 with a state-issued […]

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Hunting: How to Get Started

Hunting seems to be a family tradition, passed down for generations. Hunting is a fun and memory-making tradition that many families enjoy together, but you don’t have to belong to a family of hunters in order to be a hunter! If you’re interested in picking up hunting but you don’t know where to begin, here’s […]

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Eye Protection

In any situation in which you are using one of Shotgun Cache’s quality shotguns, you should be protecting your eyes with some kind of eyewear. Shotgun Cache is a proud authorized dealer of Decot Sport Glasses, which are perfect for any outdoor activity. Decot is Shotgun Cache’s first choice for eye protection because they have […]

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Being a Prepared Shot

Taking the Essentials on a Shoot Trip For the most part, all you need on any target shooting trip is your gun and the open air. For a successful day of shooting, you will want to be prepared so it will not be cut short. Here are some items you will want to bring on […]

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Practicing Gun Safety

Gun Safety All shot-gun enthusiasts know that shooting is an exhilarating sport. The first thing they learn is with fun comes the responsibility to practice gun safety. Here are the top ways to always practice gun safety even when not shooting. First you will want to ensure that your shotgun is not loaded when storing […]

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Hunting Safety Tips

Basic Safety Tips for Hunters The thrill of a hunting season can be marred by a hunting accident. Some basic knowledge can keep your next hunting trip safe and enjoyable. Start with your clothing, be easily spotted by fellow hunters by wearing bright orange. Since deer cannot pick up that color, you will remain incognito […]

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Shotgun Cleaning Tips

Field Shotguns Online Whether you are prepping for a hunt or getting ready for a shoot skeet competition, having your shotgun in proper working order is your #1 priority. Here are some tips for making sure no residue or oil will lead to a malfunction. The six steps for cleaning are: Partial Tear Down, Degrease, […]

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