Gun Laws Basics in Texas

In the state of Texas, we take our second amendment rights seriously and ensure every citizen may purchase and carry a firearm if they so wish to do so. For handguns, shotguns, and rifles there are no waiting periods or registration forms to fill out. You simply need to be over 18 with a state-issued […]

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Handgun Tips for Beginners

Did you just purchase a handgun? Or do you already have one, but you’ve never fired a shot? No matter what your situation is, you can get started by learning a few simple tips.   Always Practice Proper Gun Safety The best way to learn the proper safety methods is to take a course. Here […]

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Top Common Shotgun Mistakes

Is Your Shot Off? It May Be Due to Improper Technique Every shooter misses on occasion which makes nailing the shot all that more gratifying. When those occasional misses become much more frequent, it can go from annoying to frustrating. Often times, this stems from common mistakes that shooters fail to realize they are making. […]

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Trap Shooting Tips and Tricks

Becoming a Better Trap Shooter Shouting “Pull!” only to hit your flying target moments later can leave you with a feeling of pride, which is a great confidence booster. It is every shooter’s dream to become the best shot that they can be. Of course, that takes quite a bit of practice on your part. […]

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