Top Common Shotgun Mistakes

Is Your Shot Off? It May Be Due to Improper Technique Every shooter misses on occasion which makes nailing the shot all that more gratifying. When those occasional misses become much more frequent, it can go from annoying to frustrating. Often times, this stems from common mistakes that shooters fail to realize they are making. […]

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Trap Shooting Tips and Tricks

Becoming a Better Trap Shooter Shouting “Pull!” only to hit your flying target moments later can leave you with a feeling of pride, which is a great confidence booster. It is every shooter’s dream to become the best shot that they can be. Of course, that takes quite a bit of practice on your part. […]

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Great Sports for the Active Couple

The Couple that Plays Together, Stays Together Sharing a hobby is wonderful for a relationship. A hobby that gets you both out of the house is even better. Participating in the same activity is beneficial to your relationship as it allows you to bond with one another, improve communication, and in some instances, unleash aggression. […]

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A New Year, A New Hobby

Now that the New Year is upon us, many have made a resolution to pick up a new hobby or to add more exercise to their routine. Shooting a shotgun can combine both of your resolutions into one. Sporting shotguns are perfect for outdoor activities like practicing your shot to skeet shooting. Getting some fresh […]

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Keep the Safety On

Keep the Safety On Thrills aside, there is always safety to consider when it comes to owning a firearm. We here at Gray’s Shotgun Cache encourage practical measures to avoid injury to yourself or a loved one. Always keep in mind the basic rules of “SAFE”. Secure your firearms when not in use; Be Aware […]

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Shooting in the Cold Weather

Effect of Cold Weather on Your Shooting The cold weather tends to send individuals inside and away from their favorite outdoors hobbies. There are even instances where the cold weather can affect the performance of the sport you participate in, such as shooting. When clay shooting, the colder weather can change the cartridge velocity causing […]

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Participating in a Pastime

    Skeet: “The Perfect Pastime” For those who have never experienced clay pigeon shooting, it is a mysterious hobby, one that calls away the participant for hours at a time, usually in the prime daylight hours on a weekend, to be spent among friends at a shooting range. And yet, for those who enjoy […]

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Being a Prepared Shot

Taking the Essentials on a Shoot Trip For the most part, all you need on any target shooting trip is your gun and the open air. For a successful day of shooting, you will want to be prepared so it will not be cut short. Here are some items you will want to bring on […]

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